SGZLC- LED Side Light Source Illumination Incubator
SGZLC- LED Side Light Source Illumination Incubator
SGZLC- LED Side Light Source Illumination Incubator

SGZLC- LED Side Light Source Illumination Incubator

SGZLC- LED Side Light Source Illumination Incubator

Product application:

This incubator can be widely used for plant growth and tissue culture, seed germination, seedling cultivation, and microbial culture experiments; the breeding of insects and small animals; BOD measurement for water quality monitoring; and special test equipment for light and constant temperature for other purposes.

Adopt the microcomputer fully automatic large-screen LCD controller specially developed by Dascatel, equipped with 9 working program groups and each group is equipped with 99 program segment control or day and night switching control mode, which can meet the user control parameters to the greatest extent Settings management;

Use light-emitting chip light suitable for plant growth: semiconductor 2835 specification, lamp bead wavelength range of 400-800nm, light-emitting color temperature index: 6450K; with the use of light intensity setting parameters, direct input setting function for light intensity values to avoid percentage or grading Adjust the difference between the light intensity and the actual demand;
According to the air duct structure specially designed for the temperature parameter requirements, the equipment adopts the air duct at the back of the box body to enter and exit with the breeze air circulation design to make the temperature control in the working room more stable and even.

The refrigeration unit of the equipment adopts imported brand compressors and uses environmentally friendly refrigerants; the intelligent temperature adjustment method will automatically recognize the environmental climate change to adjust the difference between the upper and lower refrigeration values, taking into account the accuracy of temperature control and the energy-saving power.

The controller has a variety of anti-interference measures. The temperature controller comes with sensor failure alarm, upper and lower limit temperature deviation alarm, over temperature alarm, parameter memory; temperature display and measurement error correction, self-diagnostic dynamic control technology. If there is a failure, the controller will promptly alarm and display it on the display in the form of text, which is more direct and simple.

Model no SGZLC-P500A
VolumeL L 500L
Standard lamp board (floor) 3
Power Supply AC220V   50HZ
temperature range 0-50℃
control accuracy ±0.1℃
Temperature control fluctuation ±1℃(The experimental conditions are no-load, ambient temperature 20 ℃, humidity 50%RH)
Illuminance (lux)       A: 5000LUX     B: 15000LUX    C: 20000LUX
work environment 10~30°C
Interior materials Mirror stainless steel
External materials Fashion aluminum alloy / cold rolled steel plate surface spray
Time setting Timing 0-99 hours / continuous operation
power 998W
Studio size(mm) 640*620*1300
Dimensions(mm) 740*780*1900


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