SD-A5 ABS Hanging Bed Head Punching Double Shaker Including Mattress

SD-A5 ABS Hanging Bed Head Punching Double Shaker Including Mattress

Function description:

(1) backrest: 0-80±5

(2) leg: 0-40±5

(3) specification :L2150×W900×H500mm

1. The head and tail of the bed are made of ABS advanced engineering plastics at one time, with beautiful appearance, easy loading and unloading, excellent impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and electrical performance.

2, The bed surface is made of high quality cold rolled steel plate, the thickness is 1.2mm, concave multi-hole design, easy to air permeability and with anti-skid function. There is no solder spot on the surface and steel pipe reinforcement on the back. The double-support unloading structure is adopted to prolong the life of the hospital bed.

3. The bed body frame is made of 40*80*1.5mm, and the bed legs are welded with 50*50*1.5mm forming square tube. Advanced welding process. The welding quality is high and the bed body is strong. Can carry 240 kg or more;

4, the whole bed adopts a series of processes such as pickling, phosphating, water washing, oxidation, automatic flow spraying line, the use of Aksu powder electrostatic spraying, bright color, firm adhesion.

Equipped with stainless steel hidden rocker, can be hidden in the bed body, avoid unnecessary injury, convenient operation of nursing staff, with two-way limit protection setting. The screw adopts 20mm/40Cr material, no deformation, the cyclotron is zinc alloy die-casting process, and the joint part of the screw is made of copper rod, which is closely occlusal with the screw, effectively preventing wear, low noise and long service life.  

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