SD-4000A Double Walls Hood Infant Incubator

SD-4000A Double Walls Hood Infant Incubator

Product characteristics:

LCD Touch Screen

  • LCD touch screen displays temp./humidity/O2 concentration
  • 72 hours data record  
  • Various self-check alarms

Double Walls Hood

  • Two side doors open 
  • Monitor tray

Integration Sensor Box

  • Shows chamber temperature separately
  • Indepent over temperature alarm

Humidity Reservoir

  • Removable for cleaning
  • Humidity range:30%~90% RH

Baby Scale

  • Under the bed, rang: 0.1~8KG 
  • X-ray Tray under the bed

Specifications Infant Incubator:

Model SD-4000A SD-4000B SD-4000C
Electrical requirement ~ 220V 50Hz
Heater power 550VA
Air mode temp.range 25.0°C~ 37.0°C
Skin mode temp. range 34.0°C~ 37.0°C
Air mode temp. alarm

< 38.0°C 

Skin mode temp. alarm < 40.0°C Air temp.
Air mode high temp. range 37.1°C~ 39.0°C
Skin mode high temp. range 37.1°C~ 38.0°C
High temp. mode alarm < 40.0°C Air temp.
Air mode temp. display range 20.0°C~ 45.0°C
Skin mode temp. display range 25.0°C~ 45.0°C
Air mode alarm ±3.0°C
Skin mode alarm ±1.0°C
Skin temp. sensor accuracy ±0.3°C
Temp. control accuracy ≤ 0.5°C
Mattress temp. uniformity ≤ 0.8°C
Humidity control range 30-90%RH
Humidity display range 0-99.9%RH
O2 cocentration range - 20-60%O2
O2 cocentration alarm - ±5%O2
O2 cocentration display range - 0-99.9%
O2 cocentration display accuracy - ±2%O2
Electrical scale weight range - 0.1-8Kg 
Electrical scale display accuracy - ±50g

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