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Sada Medical AY-1000 Oral Dental Chair Comprehensive Treatment Machine Unit

Sada Medical AY-1000 Oral Dental Chair Comprehensive Treatment Machine Unit

AY-1000 standard technical parameters

一、Standard configuration:

1. Hygiene design to prevent cross infection

2.  Rotatable assistant stand for "four-handed" operation

3. Three guns 2

4. Control system: computer control operating system, computer control board with reset, chair lift, pitch, cold light, cuspidor, water supply, heating and other function operation keys.

5. 1 set of sputum bowl, mouthwash quantitative automatic water supply control system, equipped with automatic heating constant temperature system

6. Strong and weak saliva suction system, built-in dirt collection cup can be easily removed and washed.

7. Set of LED oral cold light

8. 24V low voltage control mouthwash device and low voltage viewer

9. 1 set of ceramic bowl that can rotate 90 degrees

10. A set of built-in mobile phone water purification system

11. Air lock instrument arm 1 set

12. Multifunctional combined foot switch for controlling mobile phones and dental chairs

13. DC silent motor for power system

14. U.S. water vapor pipeline

15. The dental chair structure is computer-linked, the headrest can be folded and adjusted and pinned freely. The two-section headrest is suitable for adults and children. The PU seamless seat cushion can be disassembled, cleaned and replaced with the backrest of the body at any time. Dental chair For double armrests.

二、Product Specifications

1、Environment 5-40, relative humidity ≤80%

2、Power supply: AC 220V 50HZ

3、Air pressure: 0.5MPa—0.8 MPa, flow rate is less than 50L / min

4、Water source pressure: 0.2MPa—0.4 MPa, flow rate is less than 10L / min

5、Input power: 1200VA

6、Fuse model: RF1-20, specification: 5x20 6A

7、Oral cold light: LED light source; Oral light: The light spot is 800mm away from the lamp surface, the illumination adjustment range is 8000Lux ~ 26000Lux, the temperature rise of the lighting area is ≤5 ℃, and the rotation range of the oral light is ≥120

8、Film viewer: Illumination ≥ 6000 Lux

9、Water heater: DC24V / 80VA

10、DC motor: d.c.24V / 80VA

11、120mm Backward tilt angle range: 120mm

12、Maximum backward tilt of cushion: ≥10 °

13、Dental chair under 135kg

14、Machine noise ≤70db (A) (except air compressor)

15、Minimum seat ≦ 380mm, highest seat ≧ 720mm

16、The armrest can withstand the downward pressure of 335N and the horizontal tension of 220N

17、Instrument plate: the vertical movement range should be ≥350mm, and the deflection of the plate surface should be ≤3 °


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