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Mushroom Sterilization Sterilizer Autoclave

Mushroom Sterilization Sterilizer Autoclave

Mushroom Sterilization Sterilizer Autoclave

Model: HA-BVS
Chamber Volume: 120L- 5000L
Design pressure: 0.245Mpa
Design temperature: 139ºC
Work pressure: 0~0.22Mpa
Material: SUS304 / SUS316 / SUS316L
Door: Single Door
Display: Touch Screen
Control System: Siemens PLC + HMI + DCS
Configuration: Loading cart, transport cart, tray

Production time: 30 working days
HS Code: 8419200000
Warranty: 12 months
Application range: Hospital, lab, clinic, pharmaceutical factory, research institutions, etc.

Brand:Sada Medical
Product Origin:China
Shipping Port:Shanghai, Qingdao, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc.

Large Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Machine

Technology Advantage
1. Control system: It is integrated by Siemens PLC + HMI + DCS, advanced function for recording, printing and storing.
2. Monitoring system: Independent temperature monitoring system.
3. Vacuum pump: The steam condenser is fitted in the exhaust/vacuum line to condense the steam before entering inside the vacuum pump.
4. GMP validation port: The GMP validation ports of 16 temperature sensor are used for validation.
5. Controller software design: unique real-timely feedback module based on fuzzy control-theoretical, ensuring accurate processing control, guaranteeing the bond, fluctuation and uniformity of temperature thoroughly.
6. Man-machine interface software: menu programming, one-key touch operation and all kinds of operation intensive design, with elegant appearance. Full-color real-time dynamic displaying during each running process.
7. Fault: Perfect fault information warning and fault self-diagnosis function.
8. Door: National patent door interlock device. National patent sealing technology – closed inflatable seal ring with compressed air.
9. Pneumatic valve and solenoid valve: high quality, stable performance and a long lifespan.

Safety Feature

1. Mechanical pressure relief safety valve for chamber and jacket
2. Over-pressure protective device
3. Over-temperature protective device
4. Protective measure device of door safety
5. Interlock function device



Chamber Size Steam Consumption (KG) Tap Water Consumption (KG) Power Gross Weight/Net Weight Overall Size
  LxWxH(MM)         LxWxH(MM)
HA-BVS250 800x600X600 18KG 35KG 2-2.4KW 900KG 1100x1350X1900
HA-BVS360 1000x600X600 25KG 40KG 2-2.4KW 1000KG 1300x1350X1900
HA-BVS600 1200x610X910 30KG 45KG 3-3.6KW 1400KG 1500x1360X1950
HA-BVS800 1500x610X910 40KG 50KG 3KW 1600KG 1800x1360X1950
HA-BVS1200 1450x680X1180 48KG 55KG 4KW 1800KG 1750x1440X1950
HA-BVS1500 1850x680X1180 55KG 60KG 4KW 2000KG 2150x1440X1950
HA-BVS2000 1600x900X1400 65KG 65KG 4.5KW 2500KG 1950x1750X2200
HA-BVS2500 1950x900X1400 75KG 75KG 6KW 3000KG 2300x1750X2200
HA-BVS3000 2400x900X1400 90KG 90KG 8KW 3500KG 2700x1750X2200


SADA MEDICAL Quality Standards:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
EN ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System - Medical Devices




Video of SADA MEDICAL Horizontal Autoclaves:

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