Delivered order to Kazakhstan two sets plasma sterilizers

Delivered order to Kazakhstan two sets plasma sterilizers

There are many kinds of sterilizers used in the medical industry. Different sterilizers have certain differences in their sterilization principles and sterilization ranges.

Users can choose different types of sterilizers according to their needs. As a medical sterilizer manufacturer, our company provides a variety of sterilizers with reliable quality and reasonable prices, which can satisfy the majority of users' understanding of sterilizers.

The low-temperature plasma sterilizer is one of our company's main products. It has won the recognition of many users with its good sterilization effect and simple operation.

However, it also encountered various problems during its application. 

In order to avoid frequent failures of the low-temperature plasma sterilizer during use, appropriate maintenance and upkeep must be taken.
1. Wipe the surfaces of the low-temperature plasma sterilizer door and instruments, and clean the floor of the sterilization room at least once.
2. Clean the impurities in the filter at the discharge port of the sterilizer to prevent impurities from entering the exhaust pipe during operation of the sterilizer.
3. Check whether the sterilizer door seal is flat, intact, and free of protrusion and damage. Check the touch screen; observe whether there are leaks in steam, water and other medium pipelines and valves; observe whether the sterilizer operating indicator light is intact; once problems with the above components are found, the sterilizer should not be used and should be used after maintenance and repair.
4. Clean the outside of the low-temperature plasma sterilizer to avoid dust accumulation and shorten the service life of the air filter. The components should be kept away from contact with water. Once wet, they should be wiped dry before the power can be turned on. Check whether the sockets and connectors of each connection are loose. If they are loose, they should be tightened.

5. Conduct annual inspections of the safety valves, pressure gauges, and thermometers of the sterilizer, and record and retain the inspection results. Air filters should also be replaced regularly.

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