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Pass Through Double Door High Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Pass Through Double Door High Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Pass Through Double Door High Pressure Steam Sterilizer

The traditional herb powder sterilizer adopts cobalt 60, ethylene oxide, alcohol stifling, microwave, ozone and etc. While these ways cannot ensure drug properties, residual would remain, and the cost would be high. Compared to these traditional ways of sterilization, tests have manifest that steam sterilization is the best way to sterilize herb medicine powder, seasonings and other powder products.

In terms of shape, this series sterilizer is horizontal rectangular, heated both inside and outside by steam, by this mean, the chamber size could be fully used. The equipped special damp-proof device, with specialized drying craft can eliminate powder packing that formed by using traditional sterilization technology.

This series of sterilizer is mainly used for the herb medicine powder, seasonings and some other powder products.

Pipe System
Calorie-hoop interlinkage fast joint not only solve the resorted of the convention threaded fittings, but also convenient for dismount and part changing, cleaning. The normal steam comes from jacket into chamber

The filters for steam pipe, air filling pipe and vacuum pipe are from PALL company. The performance is excellent with no medium break or contamination unload. That can be repeated clean and repeated flush.

Control valves
The valves are produced by GEMU Company, Germany. The pneumatic water proof hammer angle valve is fixed in cooling water system that the system can work more smoothly. Other valves are heat resistance angle pneumatic valve which are special for steam (180℃). They are bid directional self-adjustable airproof , big flux with 6 million times working life.

Control System
The control system incorporated with: PLC + HMI+ Printer + Data logger.

1, When automatic controller in the failure of the circumstances, the security device makes the sterilization indoor pressure safety in the pressure of the atmosphere to the back of the state, and allow the loading door can be opened.

2, In order to maintenance, test and emergency needs, manual operation can be through the use of access control tools to complete.

3, The master controller system:3 level password.The adminstrator can set the user(engineer and operator) name and password.

4, Touch screen: display work process parameters and sterilization cycle state, the operation is convenient.The engineer can modify the parameters,including the temperature,time,program name,vacuumize times,etc.

Item Model: PA-0.6
Chamber size(L*W*H) 1050*680*550mm
Overall size(L*W*H) 1245*1300*1880mm
Working temperature 105~134℃
Design pressure 0.245Mpa
Work pressure 0.22Mpa
Chamber material Thickness: 8mm
  Material: SUS304
Temperature equilibrium ≤±1℃
PT100 Temperature sensor 2 pcs:
  1sensor movable inside the chamber,
  1 sensor fixed at the drain port
Time set 0~999min, adjustable
Electricity supply Electric power: 380V, 50Hz
  Control Power: 4kw
Pure steam ( generate steam) Pipe diameter: DN25
supply(0.4~0.6Mpa) 20 kg/cycle
Tap water (for vacuum pump) Pipe diameter: DN25
supply(0.2~0.3Mpa) 150 kg/cycle
Compressed air Diameter: φ6mm
supply(0.6~0.8Mpa) 0.1m³/cycle


SADA MEDICAL Quality Standards:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
EN ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System - Medical Devices




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