Delivered order to Uzbekistan for our single sliding door 360L large autocalve with shelf

Delivered order to Uzbekistan for our single sliding door 360L large autocalve with shelf

Delivered order to Uzbekistan for our single sliding door 360L large autocalve with shelf

Structure and Characteristic of the Equipment

◎ The Lifting door structure with removable-racks is motor chain driven with anli-pinch function, which guarantees more operation and installation space, is convenient for the loading and unloading for the articles.

◎ The two lifting doors are with pressure safety interlock, the liquid program is specially with temperature safety interlock. The two doors are interlocked.

© The inflation pressure drives the sealing ring to realize automatic sealing. The new high-quality high tear resistant silicone rubber circular hollow sealing ring has a special coating treatment on the surface, which is wear-resistant and smooth. It has better sealing effect and longer service life, with a service life of up to 1500 cycles.

◎ The main rectangular structure is with European ring type jacket with reinforcing ribs. The sealing groove is directly welded on the annular jacket at both ends (Gctingc structure).

◎ Control system: Siemens PLC and color touch screen, the whole process is automatically controlled by program, and the operating process status, temperature, pressure, time and other parameters are automatically displayed.

◎ Traceability system: it has a communication interface connected with the quality traceability system of the disinfection supply center, and provides a software communication protocol connected with the traceability system.

◎ It is equipped with sterilization procedures such as sterile clothes, tools and instruments, rubber, liquid, culture medium, waste and custom procedures, as well as BD test, vacuum leakage test and other test procedures.

◎ The process data is printed in real time through the built-in micro needle printer, and a paperless recorder is equipped.

◎ Intelligent maintenance system (optional): Equipped with remote monitoring and maintenance module, which can realize remote monitoring and remote software upgrading of equipment operation.

© Independent steam inlet design is optional for the customer, the steam would not pass through the jacket to avoid the pollution from the carton steel, and prevent the drying effected frm the jacket pressure drops.


Pipeline system: stainless steel sanitary pipeline with clamp joints, are all welded by automatic pipe welder. German GEMUE angle seat valve, Taiwan Airtac solenoid valve, German SPECK direct-connected water ring vacuum pump.

Water saving and noise reduction system (optional): Can reduce the circulating water consumption of vacuum pump by 30% and reduce the noise of vacuum pump.

Automatic drain device (optional): Jacket automatic control drain device and inner chamber are equipped with automatic control drain device to automatically detect the temperature and pressure of jacket and inner chamber to drain automatically to ensure the saturation of steam.

◎ With automatic drainage temperature regulation system, drainage temperature W 55 °C. ◎ Air filter: the filtration accuracy is W 0.22 jxm, and the sterilization rate reaches 99.97%.

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