Delivered order to Kyrgyzstan for single door horzontal cylindrical autoclave with vacuum

Delivered order to Kyrgyzstan for single door horzontal cylindrical autoclave with vacuum

Delivered Order to Our Client in Kyrgyzstan for 100L Horizontal Autoclave HA-BAV, Product Details:

The sterilizer uses pressure saturated steam to sterilize the articles. Pulsating vacuum exhaust is used to eliminate the influence of cold air on temperature. Finally, vacuum dehumidification combined with jacket drying is used to dry the articles. It makes use of the physical characteristics that pressure saturated steam can release a large amount of latent heat when condensing, so that the articles to be sterilized are in a high temperature and humidity state. After a certain period of time, all bacteria and spore tissues in the articles are destroyed, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Mainly used in hospitals, chemical, food, scientific research, pharmaceutical and other units to sterilize surgical instruments, fabrics glassed, medical waste, culture medium etc.

• Automatically controlled the sterilizing process, easy to operate.
• It has three times or more pulsating vacuum. It is suitable for all kinds of packed, non packed, hollow porous and internal pipeline instruments.
• The sterilizer is equipped with a steam generator, and one set of movable sterilization plate is randomly adapted.
• The inner cavity of the sterilizer is a circular double-layer design, which is composed of a sterilization chamber and a jacket, and has the function of deep drying.
• With printing function, the printer can record the whole process of sterilization.
• With Bowie & Dick test function for steam penetration test.
• With 7-in color touch screen, easy to operate and can display time, pressure, temperature etc.
• With more than 6 types sterilization programs, the user can choose the program according to the objects will be sterilized.
• With over-temperature, over-pressure auto-protect.
• Safety interlock device: when the door is not closed tightly, steam can not enter the main body of the inner layer and give an alarm. When the pressure in the sterilization room is greater than 0.027mpa, the door is interlocked and cannot be opened.
• Over-pressure protection: when the pressure exceeds the working pressure, the safety valve will automatically relieve the pressure
• Low water level protection device: the water can not be started until the high water level, and it will be automatically cut off when the low water level is short of water.
• Over current protection: when the current overload, the power circuit breaker will automatically cut off the power supply.
• Sealing door: manual door opening and closing, radial rod rotary table type, equipped with two-stage self-locking, interlocking safety device, single door (double door optional), with pressure safety interlock device.
• The sterilization room is made of high quality stainless steel.
• Single door or double door can be made (Optional)

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