1set 130L cassette solution palsma sterilizer delivery to Mongolia Customer

1set 130L cassette solution palsma sterilizer delivery to Mongolia Customer

There are many names for low-temperature plasma sterilizers, such as hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilizer, low-temperature plasma sterilizer, etc.

It uses certain means to sterilize some medical devices so that microorganisms on the devices Inactivated, it is widely used in the sterilization of clinical medical devices.

Of course, low-temperature plasma sterilizers can be used in hospitals, and they actually have certain advantages.

Advantages of low-temperature plasma sterilizer

1. Environmental protection and safety: Hydrogen peroxide solution is used as the medium, and is excited by a specific electromagnetic field to form plasma and complete sterilization. The product is a small amount of water vapor and oxygen, with no toxic residue or discharge, no harm to medical personnel, and no pollution to the environment.

2. Cassette-type packaging: Hydrogen peroxide adopts a cassette-type loading method and is automatically recycled to avoid the possibility of contact with hydrogen peroxide solution; ensuring that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution does not change during use.

3. Low temperature: The sterilization temperature is about 50°C, which will not damage the equipment and items, and can extend the service life of valuable medical equipment.

4. Fast: The sterilization cycle is short, fast mode and standard mode. No other enhancement methods are needed for complex lumen equipment. After sterilization is completed, the equipment can be used directly, which greatly improves the turnover rate of equipment and reduces the loss and spare quantity of valuable equipment.

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We can see that the low-temperature plasma sterilizer not only has the characteristics of high sterilization efficiency, but also does not have adverse effects on medical devices during the sterilization process, so it can ensure that the performance of medical devices is not affected.

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