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Horizontal Motorized Door Pulse Vacuum Autoclave

Horizontal Motorized Door Pulse Vacuum Autoclave

Mushroom Sterilization Sterilizer Autoclave

Model: HA-BV
Sterilizing Volume: 250L-4000L


HA-BV series pulsating vacuum sterilizers use saturated steam as the sterilizing medium, by relying on the physical property that the saturated steam can release a large amount of latent heat and moisture during condensation, it renders items to be sterilized in a highly heated and humid state. After a period of heat preservation, the purpose of sterilization is achieved. The effect of cold air on temperature is eliminated by means of pulsating vacuum exhaust, finally (he items drying is realized by the vacuum dehumidification combined with jacket.

HA-BV series pulsating vacuum sterilizers are mainly used in central sterile supply department, third-party disinfecting supply centers, and operating rooms, where medical devices, dressings, rubber, lumen devices, implantable devices, and liquids are sterilized.

Features of Horizontal Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Body of the Sterilizer: ◎ Designing, manufacturing and inspection are perfonned according to GB/T150 “Pressure Vessel”, GB 8599 “Technical Requirements for Large Steam Sterilizer Automatic Control Type” and 1SG 21-2016 “Stationary l>ressure Vessel Safety Technical Supervision Regulations”. © The main structure is of a rectangular cross section with European ring-type jacket with reinforcing ribs. The doors are pneumatically sealed, and the two doors are interlocked, which fully meets the specific requirements.

◎ The materials that come into contact with steam such as the interior liner and door panels are all S30408 stainless steel, with a designed service life up to 10 years and 20,000 sterilization cycles ( 316L stainless steel is the optional material with designed service life of 15 years and 30,000 sterilization cycles). The gear rack and the teech are made of S30408 stainless steel, and the jacket is made of high-quality Q245R material specific for pressure vessels, with S30408 optional.

© With standard GMP authentication interface.


Piping System: ◎ 304 stainless steel sanitary pipes, with clamp joints. Adopting GEMU angle seat pneumatic valves imported from Germany, solenoid valves supplied by Taiwan AirTAC and directly connected water ring vacuum pump imported from German SPECK.

◎ (Optional) Smart automatic drainage system, water-conservative noise reduction system and pipeline insulation treatment.

Controlling System: ◎ Adopting imported Siemens PLC and colorful touch screens on the operator’ s side; the printer prints the process data of each stage in real time manner; with a variety of safety and alarming systems.

◎ Equipped with a communication interface connected with the quality tracing system of the disinfecting supply center. Intelligent maintenance system, with remote monitoring and maintenance modules (optional).

◎ Double pulsation processes more thoroughly remove the interior air, improving fatigue life of equipment, with excellent drying performance.


Model Size of Liner Volume


Overall Size

Lx Wx H(mm)



c Steam.

Consumption : (Kg/C)

Tap Water :

Consumption: (Kg/C)

Power Supply Power




HA-BV250 550 x 550 845 0.25 1136x1310x 1880 750 >8 120 380V, 50HZ 2KW + 24KW
HA-BV360 610×610 1000 0.36 1320x 1350x 1930 850 22 180 380V, 50HZ 2KW+ 30KW
HA-BV600 610×910 1150 0.6 1470x1410x2100 1250 35 320 380V, 50HZ 3KW + 36KW
HA-BV800 610×910 1490 0.8 1820x1410x2100 1350 47 400 380V, 50HZ 3.5KW + 48KW
HA-BV1000 610×910 1815 1.0 2250x1410x2100 1550 55 500 380V, 50HZ 3.5KW + 54KW
HA-BV1200 680×1180 1490 1.2 1820x1490x2050 1650 65 600 380V, 50HZ 3.5 KW
HA-BV1500 680×1180 1900 1.5 2220x1490x2050 1850 80 750 380V, 50HZ 4KW
HA-BV2000 900×1380 1650 2.0 1990x1860x2230 2300 106 1000 380V, 50HZ 4.5KW
HA-BV2500 900x 1380 2000 2.5 2360x1860x2230 2700 132 1250 380V, 50HZ 6KW
HA-BV3500 900×1380 2494 3.0 2830x1860x2230 3500 160 1500 380V, 50HZ 8KW
HA-BV4000 900×1380 3250 4.0 3580x1860x2230 4500 215 2000 380V, 50HZ 8KW


SADA MEDICAL Quality Standards:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
EN ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System - Medical Devices




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