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Dedicated Sterilizer for Nucleic Acid Testing Laboratory (COVID-19)

Vertical High Press Steam Sterilizer Autoclave VA-SA Model: VA-SA Chamber Capacity: 35L, 50L, 75L, 100L Class: Class N Machine Material: Fully stainless steel 304 Display: Digital display Control: Processor controlled, steam-water inner circulation system Door: Hand wheel type door, safety lock door system Configuration: Drying device, 2 pcs stainless steel baskets Production time: 15 working […]

Hot Sale Vertical Pressure Steam Autoclave

  Automatic LCD Display Vertical Pressure Steam Autoclave VA-SD Model:VA-SD Sterilizing Volume:35L, 50L, 75L, 100L Features: 1. Fully stainless steel SUS304 structure, stainless steel chamber SUS304. 2. Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure. 3. Door safety lock system. 4. Microprocessor control, LCD display of working status: pressure, time, temperature, error code, touch type key. […]

Sada Medical Strictly Abides By Good Product Quality And Good Service Quality

Digital Display Horizontal Autoclave Sterilizer Machine Model:HA-BA Sterilizing Volume:150L,200L,280L Features: 1.Microprocessor control, water injection, heating up, sterilizing, drying process are fully automatic. 2.With drying function, suitable dressing drying. 3.With over-temperature, over-pressure auto-protect device. 4.The door opening mechanism cannot be operated until the pressure in the chamber is reduced to 0.027Mpa. It can’t be start on […]

SADA MEDICAL are always on the road,Regardless of wind and rain

SADA MEDICAL will provide suppliers with better service from  2021 year,including the delivery,installation   WE CAN HELP, Sada Autoclave provide a solutions for your business, Our VALUE MESSAGE is: Quality Is Our Culture. Our core competencies is “High Pressure Steam Sterilization Autoclave Sterilizer”. We had the honor to serve many of the Hospitals and Distrubitors […]

Medical Equipment installed in Renji Hospital (Horizontal Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer )

Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclave Pressure Steam Sterilizer. Model: HA-BA Chamber Capacity: 150 L, 200 L, 280 L Class: Class N Chamber Material: Stainless steel 304 Display: Digital display Control: Computer controlled Door: Safety lock door system Configuration: Drying device, printer, tray Production time: 20 working days HS Code: 8419200000 Warranty: 12 months Application range: Hospital, lab, […]